DIY Repair

Sliding Door Fix Broken Handle Fix

Repair is a fascinating world, from fixing up an old car to getting a nice watch functioning again. Repair work is pursued by professionals and laymen alike, with each developing their own approach and style of executing repairs. Do it yourself (or DIY) repair has become all the rage ever since the advent of Youtube, […]

When Do You Need To Repair Your Sliding Door?

Blog Having a sliding door is a joy to have in a home: they give a great view of the outdoors, add great ambiance to a home, the sliding aspect is fun as well as convenient, and they often can easily get repaired. All of this is exactly why so many homes have them and […]

Sliding Door Problems & How to Fix Them

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Blog Archeologists observed that Italy already had the crude technology of sliding doors as early as the first century CE. The crude sliding doors of old Italy was a significant improvement to the primitive way of rolling a stone over the mouth of a cave.People used these crude sliding doors for purposes of security, privacy, […]

Why do sliding doors need repairs?

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Blog A sliding door is a gateway in every home. Sometimes it is a gateway to a beautiful backyard and a pool, sometimes to a balcony with a summer breeze and amazing views, and sometimes it is a gateway for a quite spot to relax and enjoy the fresh air. Unfortunately, sliding doors need routine […]